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Association « Fédération France Greeters » MDA16 – BoiteN°126 – 14 Avenue René Boylesve 75016 Paris
Nonprofit association, creation on January 1st, 2014, SIRET 799 603 865 00012.

The charter of “France Greeters”

The Association “France Greeters”, member of the international network Global Greeters, requires each of its
members to respect and to follow our charter, guarantee of quality for our visitors.


 Walks are done under the responsibility of each of the participants. The “Federation France Greeters” and
local greeters organization cannot be held accountable for an accident or incident that could occur during a
walk or on the way to a meeting point.
 The information contained on the site are regularly updated. FFG cannot be held responsible for damages or
inconveniences that may result from the use of this data.
 External connections toward other sites or partners are published in our pages. The Federation does not
endorse any products, services or information offered by these sites, nor the organizations that manage
them. The Association does not operate quality controls on those products and accepts no responsibility
concerning actions that may result directly or indirectly from their use.
The organization “France Greeters” is committed to observing the French and European regulations concerning
access to personal information and ensures a sufficient level of protection of data in order to guarantee privacy and the fundamental rights and freedoms due to individuals.

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