Some feedbacks from our visitors…

“It has been a great walk with a Nicolas very enthusiastic about his city, who shared his love for Grenoble. We both learned and discovered many interesting things. It was a first greeter experience for us, most likely to renew”. Patricia, June 17, 2016

“Walk in the city center : St Laurent, around the Grenoble Museum, Notre Dame, the antique dealers area, the botanical garden… A very nice couple, open-minded, it was a great time spent with them”. Nicolas (greeter), May 15, 2016

“My walk with Marion was very interesting, she conveyed to me her passion for the gastronomy and the history of Grenoble ! Sometimes Grenoble has a bad reputation, that it is not a beautiful city… Thanks to Marion this town has been for me full of surprises and above all a very cultural city. Congrats to her.” Lucy, April 22, 2016